New Flying Club Forms at SBY Regional Airport

What’s the most economical way to fly light aircraft? The answer depends on many factors, but for many pilots, joining a flying club is a wise choice. By sharing the use and operating costs of one or more club aircraft, members typically fly for much less than pilots who own and operate aircraft individually.

Now, thanks to two local pilots, Salisbury aviators have the option to join a new flying club based at SBY Regional Airport. Duane Frantz, a private pilot, and Dr. Chris Bounds, a cardiologist and certified flight instructor (CFI-I), have founded the Salisbury Flying Club, which operates a Cessna 172 well equipped for instrument flight. The two men hope to attract about eight additional members.

For the immediate future, Dr. Bounds will provide flight instruction and biennial flight reviews to members who already hold pilot certificates. If another flight instructor joins the club, that person would likely provide primary instruction to members who are new to flying, Dr. Bounds said.

The members pay a fixed monthly charge plus a fee for each hour they fly (fuel included). They do not share ownership of the aircraft.

For more information, please contact Duane Frantz ( or Dr. Chris Bounds (

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