Walk Into Spring 2018 with WalkingWorks

Fifty-one (51) employees opted to enroll in the Wicomico County Employees 2018 Walk Into Spring challenge with the CareFirst WalkingWorks Wellness initiative.

For six weeks, beginning 4/16/2018 to 5/31/2018, employee participants tracked and logged their activity in miles, steps or minutes with the program.

CareFirst provided free pedometers for those without electronic devices to track their efforts and HR helped log information for any participant needing assistance.

All employees which enrolled received a certificate of participation from CareFirst signed by the County Executive.

The TOP FIVE participants are recognized and awarded by CareFirst for their efforts to include exercise with their health awareness.


Honorable Mention 3 – Matthew Mohr (Airport)
Honorable Mention 2 – Lisa Tarr Taylor (Executive Administration)
Honorable Mention 1 – Weston Young (Executive Administration)
Runner Up – Lynn Sande (Council)
Champion – Michele Ennis (HR)


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